BBL Technical Ltd is proud to announce that as of 1st January 2010 after rigorous inspection, we have become one of the first Specialist Technical Employment businesses in the UK to achieve full accreditation according to the standards of NEN 4400-2. 
The Norm NEN 4400-2 was established in 2007 by the Strichting Normering Arbeid to protect registered companies working in the Netherlands against unfair competition in the form of companies who:

  • Fail to pay Taxes and social security in the Netherlands.
  • Employ workers below minimum wage.
  • Employ persons not properly authorized to work in the Netherlands.
  • Fail to pay employees wages in full and on time.

Benefits to our clients

In short the Norm substantially minimises the risk of a client becoming liable for unpaid taxes and social security contributions in the Netherlands and ensures that the payroll and administration of the labour supplier is correct and above board.

We believe that our NEN 4400-2 accreditation is proof of our continuing commitment to provide our clients with the very best service possible and the peace of mind that not only are you dealing with an employment business that is highly professional, you are dealing with an employment business that is 100% compliant.