heart of the matter

On the 27th, 28th February and 1st March, Allseas, introduced and welcomed employees, clients and suppliers to the official inauguration ceremony of the “Pioneering Spirit”. Directors John Mocock & John Hopwood were privileged enough to be invited to represent BBL Manpower on the 3rd day of the celebration, along with a number of Allseas key suppliers. 

The VIP celebration welcomed over 1200 guests over the 3 days and was chaired by entrepreneur Edward Heerema, President of the Allseas Group.


The evening began with a 360 degree tour of the gargantuan vessel on a private cruise liner before docking up at the Pioneering Spirit. Upon entering the vessel, Edward Heerema personally welcomed all of his guests at the entrance. Whilst aboard, guests were given an opportunity to mingle and absorb the lavish surroundings before being led to the auditorium for a welcoming speech by Edward Heerema.

During the speech, Mr Heerema expressed what drove him to develop this remarkable vessel which had been his vision for over 20 years in the making. Speaking about the powerful words his late father, Pieter Schelte Heerema, had installed in him from a very young age that “Daring, Vision & Skill” and being able to “think outside the box” are the basis of success. Echoing his Father’s words to “never copy what your competition is doing, always look to do it better”, Edward then moved on to show his appreciation for the hard work and importance of Allseas employees and suppliers, and mentioned that without them the realisation of the vessel would not be possible. Our Directors were humbled by the appreciation shown by Allseas, and stated “This event has left us extremely motivated and even more enthusiastic to push the boundaries and to continuously innovate and improve within our own business of providing the best manpower solutions for our clients”.

The night was concluded with a stunning drinks reception, surreal entertainment and a culinary experience which wouldn’t have been out of place in a Michelin star restaurant. We were astounded by the level of detail shown during the celebration from the exquisite dinner and drinks, right down to the first class entertainment, it was very clear that Allseas’ pioneering spirit was amongst us all and that we were all “at the heart of the matter”.