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BBL and Norwegian Partners GA Logistics target Norway with unique business model

BBL is excited to announce that we have partnered with Norwegian logistics experts GA Logistics to provide essential in country support for our clients and employees whilst on assignment in Norway. GA Logistics are native to Norway and will use their vast experience and local knowledge to assist BBL in providing important added value benefits in line with our unique model of providing our clients with total recruitment solutions.  

Operating in Norway is not new for BBL, for many years we have successfully supported our clients on important projects in Norway and within the Norwegian Continental Shelf. However when we assist clients we want to be able to offer up an all inclusive service which relieves them of unnecessary hassle and ensures them peace of mind to concentrate on their core business. Until now we were only able to provide this all inclusive service on a small scale.

With our new partnership we will be able to role this successful model out across the whole of Norway and it will be a decisive factor in realising our business plan which will see us targeting a much larger portion of the Norwegian market for Oil & Gas, Marine, Engineering and Construction.

BBL Operations Director John Hopwood says:

We are extremely happy that we have found a partner in GA Logistics who's work ethic and approach is an exact match to our own. Together we have spent a lot of time visiting and speaking to both current and potential clients in Norway and it is apparent that their is a real demand for an employment business which understands project requirements, is hands on, has its employees welfare at heart and has a regular presence on site. In many circumstances the feedback that we received during our visits was that other foreign employment businesses had not carried out a single visit after the initial meeting and were never at the work site to help induct their workers. We are looking forward to introducing our unique recruitment model and improving the level of service available to businesses in Norway requiring specialist manpower.


GA logistics_smallBenefits for our Employees

  • Best quality accommodation 
  • Efficient local transport
  • Local representation (Bi lingual coordinators)
  • Improved induction process
  • Out of hours assistance

Benefits for our Clients

  • Seamless intergration
  • Norwegian speaking coordinators.
  • Peace of mind allowing clients to focus on core business
  • Out of hours assistance
  • Regular site visits 
  • Improved communication
  • National coverage giving local support 
  • Consistent customer service at all touch points.
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BBL is proud to announce that we have been fully certified according to MLC 2006.

The welfare of our employees has always been at the forefront of our minds and we have always provided for and remunerated our seafarers to the highest standards and we feel that our MLC 2006 accreditation further shows our commitment to ensuring the best standards possible.

Although our conditions were already well above the minimum statutory requirements we feel that all seafarers regardless for whom or where they are employed have the right to a decent wage and safe and healthy working conditions.

In addition to the security this brings seaferers, MLC 2006 also ensures a level-playing field for countries and shipowners who, until now, have paid the price of being undercut by those who operate substandard ships. 

For more information please visit–en/index.htm

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BBL Among 1st to achieve NEN 4400-2 Accreditation

BBL Technical Ltd is proud to announce that as of 1st January 2010 after rigorous inspection, we have become one of the first Specialist Technical Employment businesses in the UK to achieve full accreditation according to the standards of NEN 4400-2. 
The Norm NEN 4400-2 was established in 2007 by the Strichting Normering Arbeid to protect registered companies working in the Netherlands against unfair competition in the form of companies who:

  • Fail to pay Taxes and social security in the Netherlands.
  • Employ workers below minimum wage.
  • Employ persons not properly authorized to work in the Netherlands.
  • Fail to pay employees wages in full and on time.

Benefits to our clients

In short the Norm substantially minimises the risk of a client becoming liable for unpaid taxes and social security contributions in the Netherlands and ensures that the payroll and administration of the labour supplier is correct and above board.

We believe that our NEN 4400-2 accreditation is proof of our continuing commitment to provide our clients with the very best service possible and the peace of mind that not only are you dealing with an employment business that is highly professional, you are dealing with an employment business that is 100% compliant.

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