BBL to work on Google Data Centre in Eemshaven


bbl data center
If you have seen our recent blog posts, you will know that we have mentioned how fast the online buzz is spreading. Well to support this, Google have recently announced a new EUR600 million investment to build a new data centre in Eemshaven, the Netherlands. The new data centre will support the ever growing demand for services such as Gmail and YouTube.

During a time of doom and gloom surrounding employment in many parts of Europe, this project promises to restore hope and create jobs for over 1000 workers in full time and contractor roles and is expected to last a number of years.

BBL Manpower is currently supplying a large number of steel erectors and welders for the eemshaven site, and is expecting the number of jobs to increase rapidly across serveral disciplines. We are extremeley proud to be working on such a prestigious project, to actively play a role in assisting the growth of the local economy and expand the opportunities for our highly valued candidates.

If you would like to understand the project in greater detail, or would like to know about the roles we are recruiting for this project, why not drop us an email? We would love to hear from you. You can email us on

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