Oil and Gas

Onshore & Offshore

BBL has a dynamic team of Oil and Gas recruitment specialists and over 30 years of experience providing innovative recruitment solutions worldwide both onshore and offshore for global leaders within Oil & Gas

Our client base consists of Energy giants, leading Drilling Subsea Construction & Pipe lay contractors and major service providers to the offshore & energy sectors.

A multi-national presence provides us with access to a global talent pool through which we are able to mobilize experienced Oil & Gas professionals worldwide. In addition to this our value added services and in country presence ensure that integration of our manpower is seamless for both client and candidate.

Achieving the goals of both client & candidate through:

  • Our unique understanding of project objectives acquired through decades of being on site and thousands of successfully completed assignments.
  • A track record of delivering innovative manpower solutions on time as promised.
  • BBL’s Investment in the development and training of our workforce to maximize flexibility and ensure compliance with both quality & safety.
  • Our large pool of experienced oil & gas consultants who skills we retain from contract to contract.
  • Deployment of our manpower at a moment’s notice including accommodation, transport, logistics & in country presence.







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