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At BBL Manpower, it is our duty to serve our clients the best and highest skilled candidates for their projects, that is a given. However it is also our duty to ensure the safety and protection of our candidates too, which is why we ensure that all of our workers are equipped with a VCA certificate before sending them off to any job.

How Can BBL Help?
BBL recognise the importance of VCA. In fact it is a mandatory requirement with the majority of our clients. Therefore we actively assist our operatives with the acquisition of VCA via a large network of accredited training organisations pre certifying them to improve their chances of finding long term work

So What Is The VCA Certificate?

VCA stands for (in Dutch) Safety, Health and Environment Check-list for Contractors, but it is much more than that. VCA is a versatile and complete programme whereby service-supplying companies may be tested in a structured and objective manner, and certified for their VGM administration system

VCA stands for VGM Check-list Contractors (VGM = Safety, Health and Environment). The check-list is an extensive questionnaire that is used as an investigation and screening system for contractors who carry out work for others.


The VCA-certificate is a useful means of showing that once both an individual and a company meets the standard requirements on a large number of points regarding safety, health and environment. This ensures that the customer and contractor

Which activities/trades does the VCA apply to?
The VCA certificate is intended for individuals and companies that carry out work with a raised level of risk from the view point of the employer. The work covers a wide variety of disciplines and often takes place in factories, installations and project locations. Some examples of the trades that the VCA is intended for include: Mechanical engineering, maintenance work, construction, electro technical and process control, architectural work, isolation, industrial scaffolding, industrial cleaning, vertical/horizontal transport, inspection work and more.

The Benefits:

For most employers in Holland and Benelux countries VCA is often a mandatory requirement in order for workers or contractors to step foot on site.

Contractors have no longer to be concerned with all sorts of safety requirements, investigations and systems thought up in the past by various employers, that could lead to a great deal of double work, also and in particular regarding training and instruction. One can now depend on just one check-list.
do not have to perform all sorts of steps to ensure that safety, health and environment are protected. That has already been taken care of beforehand. From the usefulness of the certificate, the necessity of the possessing the certificate is born. Because of the convenience, customers simply require the possession of the VCA certificate as a condition for those who wish to carry out work for them.

The VCA is a widely recognised, uniform check-list that has replaced a large diversity of safety check-lists and methods.

Since VCA is applied under formal accreditation rules, employers and employees are ensured of an honest, independent, professional evaluation by a certificate organisation (CI). The CI is under the supervision of the Raad voor Accreditatie (the Netherlands), Belcert (Belgium) or TgA (Germany).

The VCA-certification process has similarities to the ISO 9000-systems and -audits. VCA is also supportive of the management systems and audits, such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. By application of the VCA certification process, the VGM control system of the contractor can interface smoothly with the VGM system of the employer

How Can You Get One?

To get your VCA certificate, you must first enrol for one of their online course packages or VCA exams. You can find further information on course availability, prices and more on this link here:

After successful completion of the VCA exam you will receive your personal VCA certificate. With this certificate you can prove that you possess sufficient knowledge to carry out your work safely.