At BBL we understand that investing in our workers and helping to develop their professional skills is pivotal to the future of our business. Retaining quality workers and developing skills is something we have always prided ourselves on, and is a strong case as to why our contractors and clients chose to work with us.

We recognise that going the extra mile to develop the skills of our workers benefits both the candidate and our clients. In many cases we have come across highly skilled workers that for one reason or another have found themselves in the situation where there certification has expired or they have not had the opportunity to acquire a particular course. Which is why we offer flexible arrangements to get our skilled workers accredited with the latest certifications and industry norms. We vet our candidates based on their work history, carry out visual trade tests, and if the skills are present to a high standard we offer a scheme in which BBL shares the costs of the certification, and brings the workers up to the standard industry norms, which vastly increases their chances of gaining employment. This also benefits our clients as we are able to offer pre certified workers according to their exact specifications, ensuring the highest possible quality. Some examples of where we have invested in our workforce:

  • Welders certified according to ISO 9606 norm to work on world’s largest platform decommissioning and installation vessel.
  • Construction workers certified with IPAF to carry out important project in Eemshaven.
  • Continuously certifying workers according to VCA to make sure they are up to speed on current HSE requirements.
  • Forklift licenses up to 45 Ton for Riggers and yard personnel

We hope this demonstrates our pro-active approach to the ongoing development of all our workers and the fact that we are willing and able to demonstrate this with all trades and disciplines to provide the best flexible solutions for our clients.

So whether you are a candidate looking for better prospects or a company looking for high skilled and pre certified workers, then get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you!